​Space Oasis


Welcome to Space Oasis. Charlotte's premier provider of all things in their place. Space Oasis is about creating simplicity and mindfulness within our surroundings; clearing the clutter so we can focus on what is important  - inviting peace and delight into our homes and places of work. Organizing will help to create efficiency in your routines, revive the beauty of your spaces and reduce stress and anxiety within. As we know, clutter in your physical surroundings will clutter your mind and your spirit. We are honored to work with individuals and businesses to create spaces that are designed to convey who you are, uplift you and bring you inspiration. 

"Our homes are not containers for stuff, but rather a place for joy and connection. Lets make room for more of that."


“When I walk into these areas of our home now, the beauty and serenity of these spaces still takes me by surprise. I feel lighter, calm, and more happy.  I am so glad we asked for help and forever grateful to Kayla and Space Oasis for making it possible for us to reclaim and enjoy our home again.”​


—  LE