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Creating Peace & Delight Through Organized Spaces


Space Oasis Organizing is proud to provide professional personalized services to Charlotte, NC residents organizing their homes, simplifying their lives and maximizing the efficiency of their spaces. You deserve a beautiful, well-thought-out home. Curated closets, organized bathrooms, cheerful children’s play areas, and functionally designed kitchens are only the beginning. Experience the benefits that come with our organizing services. As our lives go whirling by racing through our days in a demanding, consumption-driven world, we feel the anxiety of spaces that have become a byproduct of our bustling schedules. The environment around us truly affects our mindset, our productivity and ultimately, our overall happiness. In addition to this chaos, we often find ourselves overwhelmed in the midst of life transitions. At Space Oasis, we feel that organization is an often overlooked form of self-care. Whether you are welcoming a new baby, moving, becoming empty nesters, grieving a loss, or embracing a newfound hobby, home organization enriches your life and lets you fall in love with your space again! It is an honor for us to work along side our clients every step of the way.


Do you often find yourself spending a significant amount of time searching for items around the house or frequently misplacing the same things?

Have you ever unintentionally purchased items you already own simply because you can't remember where they are?

Is your living space overwhelmed by an abundance of paperwork that seem to spread into areas where they don't belong?

Do you discover expired foods and supplies in your pantry because it has been lost amidst the disarray and forgotten about?

Are you typically an organized person, but lately it seems like things have spiraled out of control, and you're struggling to regain order?

Do you work from home but lack a space to manage all the tasks it entails?

Would you like to infuse a touch of elegance and style into your organizational solutions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we are here to support you and bring creative solutions to assist you in working through the spaces that have you feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

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