Creating peace and
delight through organized spaces

Many of us find life whirling by as we race through our days in a demanding, consumption driven world. Some of us feel the anxiety of spaces that have become a byproduct of our bustling schedules, while others may be unaware that our environment truly affects our mindset, our productivity and ultimately, our overall happiness. In addition to this chaos, we often find ourselves overwhelmed in the midst of lives transitions. At Space Oasis, we feel that organization is an often overlooked form of self-care. Whether you are welcoming a new baby, moving, becoming empty nesters, grieving a loss, or embracing a new found hobby, home organization enriches your life and lets you fall in love with your space again! It is an honor for us to work along side our clinets every step of the way.

"Our homes are not containers for stuff, but rather a place
for joy and connection. Let's make room for more of that."


“When I walk into these areas of our home now, the beauty and serenity of these spaces still takes me by surprise. I feel lighter, calm, and more happy.  I am so glad we asked for help and forever grateful to Kayla and Space Oasis for making it possible for us to reclaim and enjoy our home again.”​


—  LE