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Updated: Mar 3, 2019

We all know how frustrating it can be to navigate through overflowing and disorganized refrigerators. Cooking can be a daunting task and grocery shopping an overwhelming chore when the fridge is a mess. Food begins to pile up and get pushed to the back; not to mention the scary tupperware full of dead mystery leftovers! We end up wasting food, time and money because our space is not managed in a successful way. Learn a few tricks of the trade to tidy your fridge and make things run more smoothly in your kitchen.

Separate into Zones

In any space, it is always a great adea to organize according to categories or zones. This will help you to remember where to find items making it easier to put things away where they belong. Before you run to the grocery store, you can quickly scan the fridge to see what items you are out of. Start by utilizing your refrigerator properly : Doors are the warmest area of the fridge. This is the best place to store foods that will not spoil quickly such as condiments and juices. Keep in mind that the top shelves have the most consistant temperatures making this useful for foods that do not need to be cooked. The lower shelves are going to be the coldest and would make it ideal for raw meat, eggs and seafood.Crisper drawers will help to maintain moisture to preserve fruits and vegetables.

Keep the kids in mind

Save yourself time and headache when it comes to snack time at home. Allowing your children the ability to accomplish tasks on their own will empower them and give them a sense of responsibility. Find a space that is within their reach that will be designated just for them. This can be a place where they can go to find snacks, drinks and treats as needed. I promise you they are going to feel quite special.

Be quick to consolidate

As soon as you return from your shopping trips, take the time to consolidate what you have before overloading your refrigerator. Recycle the extra packaging and boxes that many pre-packaged items are sold in. (especially with trips to bulk stores like Costco or BJ's) Keeping it in the box limits the areas where it can be stored. Save yourself the hassle of having to deal with the trash later. It can save you a lot of time as well by chopping and prepping fruits and veggies too. Having healthy ready to eat produce will make it easier to stay away from processed packaged snacks ;)

Contain Yourself!

Lets accessorize the fridge with some useful

and space saving bins and organizers. These tools will provide you the places for your items to reside (creating the zones we talked about) I love the stackable wine bottle holders, soda trays and egg cartons! We buy our eggs at the farmers market and bring our trays with us to fill up two dozen. How about a lazy suzan for smaller condements. Get creative and find ways that help you stay organized and clean.

"A goal without a plan is just a wish" - set time aside today to make your plan. I hope you find more joy and laughter in your kitchen!

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